Design and Create Your World

You will find much here that will inspire you and lead you to new ways of being creative when it comes to wanting to live your life your way. And it’s not all pimping hats, designing jewellery to match and finding the perfect nail polishes for the outfit, but also stuff like designing furniture, allotment gardening and imaginative cooking too, so the creative gents out there are also very much more than welcome here. In fact the Colour It You project is mainly about inspiration. I want to inspire you to consider ways you can get creative in your own life and in your own way, so it could include anything and everything from turning a van into a camper van to designing and building your own furniture. Or you could get creative with feathers by trimming a hat, making a brooch or even making your own fly fishing hooks. Anything goes. Passion, enjoyment and self-expression are key. As the Colour It You blog and YouTube channel grow I know there will be gems here for everyone. After all who and what are we if we are not ourselves? So time now to stop settling for the best you can find to fit your purpose with the “that’ll do” attitude. Instead, when it really matters, make sure you do things your way with your very own inimitable style.


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Wednesday 17th August 2022