Design and Create Your World

Want to make a STATEMENT?
And not just follow the crowd?

Then you are at the right place.

I‘m happiest when designing or creating something and that is just how the ‘Colour It You’ concept was born, along with this craft blog.
Is this really just all about crafts and making ‘things’?
No it isn’t.

I long to encourage others to design and create their own stuff for their own lives because I think we are happiest when we are true to ourselves.
Self-expression is key to my life and I’ve had so much enjoyment from it that I wanted to help to inspire you to find the best ways you can also enjoy telling the world just who you are.

This obviously involves a myriad of ‘crafts’ but it’s not all cross stitch and Christmas decorations!

The first videos I made for my YouTube channel were tutorials for Gimp, a fantastic free graphic editor that easily rivals all the best out there with the high price tags.

Once you have begun to master the art of graphic editing it opens up so many options for you! From creating your own custom FB timeline cover images and profile pics to printing great slogan T-shirts, making your own detailed holiday itineraries, excelling in Powerpoint presentations, creating art for your walls or for sale to others, creating your own business stationery, using your monitor as a large electronic photo frame to display sets of images of your own choosing, and so much more!

I am also an allotment gardener and, at my age now, concerned about health and fitness, but rather than tell you the way I do things expecting you to want to do the same, I want to inspire you to find YOUR way of doing things with practical suggestions of how you might go about doing so.
So my craft blog is really more of a DIY lifestyle blog offering inspiration to help you discover what’s best for you.

The intention is that as time goes on there will be something for everyone both on the blog and on the YouTube channel.

Who are we?
What are we?
How are we?
if we are not ourselves and true to our core beliefs and inspirations?

Wednesday 6th July 2022
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