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Lois PallisterHi everyone, I’m Lois and I’m the owner of the Colour It You web site, blog and YouTube channel.

Yesterday, which was my 53rd birthday, was supposed to be the official launch date of this web site and DIY blog. But, true to type, I’ve taken on a tad too much and some urgent work necessary on my allotment has caused me to get a little behind.

The site will be finished very soon and I will then be posting here on the blog regularly and uploading videos to YouTube on a much more frequent basis.

You will find a lot of craft projects written about here but also posts on other lifestyle issues. And I will also be writing a few ‘diary’ style posts about what I’m up to including places I visit that may be of interest to others. So this is mainly a DIY blog or craft blog but it is also a lot more than that: It’s a blog that truly represents who I am and what is important to me but also a blog to convey interesting and useful information and techniques to it’s readers.

‘Colour It You’ is all about taking ownership of your own life and doing things your way and my work is meant to be inspirational rather than just a bunch of projects for you to copy. Although you are more than welcome to do that if you find that any of my ideas suit you too.

I have always enjoyed designing, making, cooking, growing and planning stuff for my own life, in my own way. And I really hope that I can pass on the ‘Colour It You’ bug to you too!

I will also be featuring other ‘artists’ here who do it their way as and when I come across people whose work appeals to me in the hope that you will also find their work inspirational.DIY blog

Your comments are very welcome

Comments are most definitely encouraged on this blog but please do remember the common courtesies of being polite towards others and refraining from using any profane language, racism, sexism etc.

Any such comments will not be approved and will be removed from the blog.

I hope you find many articles here of interest and that some of them take you off in new directions.

The YouTube Channel

You can find any of my videos right here on the web site via the ‘Videos’ link at the top of each page. This is in fact the easiest way to find them since YouTube doesn’t allow all the videos to show once there are a certain number on the channel.

But I’d be really chuffed if you went over to the Colour It You Channel and subscribed to my channel in order to support me in my efforts.
And that would also mean, of course, that you would be notified of new videos without having to check here on the web site. Oh and comments are also really appreciated there too!

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Tuesday 7th December 2021
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