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Quality restful sleep is one of the most important things for our health and this is why a good bed and mattress are more important to me than all the other items of furniture in my home, including the armchairs or sofa in the living room.

Think about it. We should be spending between a quarter and a third of our life in bed so it’s really a no-brainer that our beds should afford us the best both in comfort and the ability to provide us with a good night’s restful sleep which leaves us refreshed and ready for action the following day.

Unfortunately getting such a good night’s restful sleep

wasn’t so easy when the hubby-type-person and I shared a double bed with a sprung mattress.

There wasn’t enough room for both of us to spread out and every time one of us moved the other was disturbed.
Not ideal at all.

So I invested in a lovely Quercus oak super king bed and an amazing Ergoflex memory foam mattress for that bed and don’t regret it.

The bed only just fits our bedroom and the hubby-type-person was not sold on the idea at all – until we had it and then he had to agree:

A beautiful looking bed, with space for us both to relax apart from one another and when one moves the other is not disturbed. ​

Well very nearly.
But not quite!

But then I try never to dwell on the negatives and instead always try to look on the postive side of things.

I like to exercise gratitude in my life and every night that I lay on that bed I am grateful for both the bed and the mattress and our luxurious Hungarian goose down “All Season” duvet.

And I believe that it is because of that gratitude that the ideas so easily came to me that have seen the end to the final ‘niggles’ that prevent us from the best night’s sleep ever.

So what final niggles would they be then exactly?
I want restful sleep too!