Design and Create Your World

After designing my perfect duvet cover I was left with just a few more issues I wanted to find solutions for.

I wanted a valance to hide the stuff I am storing under our solid oak slatted bed, fitted sheets that actually fit the Ergoflex mattress and custom made pillow cases for his very thick memory foam pillow and my very thin one.

Oh and I also needed to find the means to hide the uneven look of our pillows during the day.

Valance for wooden slatted bed

With our huge super king bed, I couldn’t afford not to be using the space under it for storage.

Working out how to have a lovely full valance between the chunky oak legs of the bed was very easy. And it’s easy to make up too and there are no stiched in gathers, also making it easy to iron.

My method for this will be included with the duvet cover pack which will soon be on offer.

Perfectly fitting sheets

There is not much worse than a wrinkled sheet to disturb your restful sleep, especially when it comes off at one of the corners!

But making a fitted sheet is SO easy and when you make it yourself you can make it the perfect

size for YOUR mattress and stitch elasticated straps to the corners that further ensure your sheet stays nice and smooth until you want to remove it for washing.

No need to fiddle around with those sheet gripper straps that have fiddly clips or suspender fastenings on them.

Insructions for this part of the project will also be in the duvet cover pack for those who don’t already know how to do this.

Perfectly fitting pillow cases

I also made pillow cases that are not only made to perfectly fit our odd pillows but are also better made than most available in the stores.

These can be made up with or without an oxford edge and this will also be included in the pack.

Additional decorative pillows

I have chosen a pair of box feather and down filled pillows, for which I am making lovely piped decorative covers for and these will match the cover I will make for one of our dining chairs that is to be kept in the bedroom in order to afford us more room in the sitting room where our dining table lives.

I will be creating videos for the YouTube Channel covering both of these projects.

You don’t sew? Don’t worry!